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for good.

Stuff that does more than just make money. It has social impact too. What's important is that while it's for good, it's also for gain. Why? Because clever work gets good PR. And good PR makes money. So let me help you use your CSI budgets properly. Let me help you inspire your people. Let me help you find your passion. Let me help you talk about the good you're doing. Let's leave this world a better place than we entered it.

title. project 02

date. 2023

city. New york

size. mural painting 1000m x 200m

i hope.png



cnn create

I was hired as a freelance writer for CNN, to interview and write about tech companies who are creating social change in Africa. 30+ hours of interviewing went into these 4 stories.  This truly fed my soul.


day one

for change

sugarbird gin

Sugarbird Gin were told they had to change from glass to plastic bottles to reduce their environmental impact. We conceptualised and rolled out a campaign that helped people understand why and gave them the tools and education to create a better world too.

Kayli Vee Levitan, award-winning creative copywriter and co-founder of The Street Store Cape Town South Africa Homeless person crying

the street store

the haven

I co-founded the world's first rent-free, premises-free, free "pop-up clothing store" for the homeless, found on the street and stocked by donations. Since going open-source, nearly 1000 popped up globally, clothing 1+ million homeless people.

Conceptualised by  Kayli Vee Levitan, award-winning creative copywriter, the weewiser is an interactive poster design that destroys the loo taboo around not flushing, to let yellow mellow, and save water in the cape town drought

wee wiser

m&c saatchi abel

When Cape Town was hit by drought, we had to cut our agency’s H2O use. Toilet flushes can use 16L of clean water. But no one wants to be seen as “that guy” letting yellow mellow. We had to change the loo-taboo. That's how the Wee Wiser was born. A simple poster that saved 60 kilolitres of water in month.

Conceptualised by  Kayli Vee Levitan, award-winning creative copywriter, this dementia south africa television campaign sees a man and a woman talking on the couch about their dead wife and mother, who is actually still alive andhas dementia.

before they're gone

dementia sa

One of the hardest things to deal with when your loved one has Dementia is the loneliness that comes when your friends and family stop visiting. We wanted to remind them that their support was so very important. 

conceptualised by  Kayli Vee Levitan, award-winning creative copywriter for the united nations FAO campaign to save the drylands, we see a woman in limpopo staring into camera

2 billion care

the un

23 hectares of dryland is lost to desertification every day. We needed to get people to care about a space they've never heard of - so we caught their attention with something they do care about: women's rights.

 Kayli Vee Levitan, award-winning creative copywriter worked on unheard voices africa, a project to help improve LGBT and sex worker rights by destroying the stigma

unheard voices

global fund

Throughout Africa, the LGBT and Sex Worker communities are marginalised, mistreated and abused. While it's the norm, it's not the only way. To make people aware that there's another way to treat those around them, we had to show them that there are others who choose love over hate. 

 Kayli Vee Levitan, award-winning creative copywriter worked with actresses and models, khanyi mbau minki van der westhuizen christina storm or the WHEAT organisation on bitch campaign

the bitch



Free media space isn't useful if no one looks at it - and this can often happen in women's mags, especially if you're trying to get them to help a charity. Readers want to be entertained and to judge what they see - so we used this against them.

Conceptualised by  Kayli Vee Levitan, award-winning creative copywriter, dementia south africa app makes you forget who you are by making your facebook page disappear.

me not

dementia sa

When people get Dementia, their loved ones tend to stop visiting them and spending time with them. We needed them to see that even though it's difficult, the sufferer needed their love and support. To do this, we created an app that showed them what it feels like to have Dementia.

 Kayli Vee Levitan, award-winning creative copywriter, worked with WWF on for nature for you wwf campaign johannesburg south africa

for nature, for you


With so many societal issues out there, the environment is the last concern on people's minds. We needed them to realise that we rely on the environment every day. 

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Day One
Realising Hope
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