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day one for change

After extensive research, Sugarbird realised that they needed to change their glass bottles to plastic ones so they could reduce their environmental impact. The challenge is that plastic-phobia (and ignorance) is at an all time high. So how do you explain this, without causing a big ol' fashioned freak out? The opportunity was not just how we tell people what they were doing and why, but also educating them and giving them the tools to create change.

Day One is an initiative that we created that allows us to cover complex issues, very simply, in a positive and optimistic way. Why Day One? Because every day is a new opportunity to create change - just like Sugarbird are going to do.

The process is complex. So we needed to make it simple. The plan was to swap to PET bottles, set up recycling bins to add to the recycling network, and create recycled products to close the loop.

On social media and our website we educated our audience through a series of FAQs and infographics. Once educated, we gave them the tools to create change. Firstly, by setting up recycling bins and incentivising them to drop off their PET. And secondly, by closing the loop and giving them the choice to buy a product that's made from recycled materials. We worked with local artists, and an organisation called Uzwelo, to create a series of 100% recycled bags - every square meter of fabric contains roughly 15 recycled bottles. 

the story

the bags

We wanted to create beautiful bags, which also told the story of the campaign. We worked with three local artists who were briefed to conceptualise an artwork that represented creating change to create a better world, while being true to Sugarbird as a brand. 

Please visit where you can find out more about why PET plastic is not that evil stuff that we've been led to believe, how you can make a difference, and where you can buy one of our designer bags. 

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