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Dementia is a difficult disease to understand. It scares people, reminds them of their own vulnerability. This means that when someone they know is diagnosed, they tend to pull away from them. The thing is that it's hard enough for the Dementia sufferers to deal with the disease, it's even harder for them to deal with it on their own. To get people to understand just how lonely it can be, and be more sympathetic and patient, we created an app that shows them what it feels like to forget. All they had to do was to log in with Facebook, it then collected your personal info, and created a video of what your life would be like if you forgot everything.


Bookmarks Awards for Digital Advertising South Africa - 2012

Social Media Campaign - Bronze

Microsites - Bronze


M&C Saatchi Global Awards - 2012

Best Piece in the M&C Saatchi Global Network of 27 Agencies


Assegai Awards of Effectiveness - 2012

Writing - Silver

Creative Solutions - Bronze

1 Shortlist

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