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the weewiser

When Cape Town was hit by drought, we had to cut our agency’s H2O usage. Toilet flushes can use 16L of clean water. But no one wants to be seen as “that guy” letting yellow mellow. We had to change the loo-taboo. The Wee Wiser is a water-saving gadget on the back of toilet doors. After each wee, you turn the arrow, ‘til it lands on flush.


But what difference could we make alone? We went open-source so anyone could use the Wee Wiser in their business and home. Water use in our building reduced by 69,81% (Sept vs. Feb) from 60,000L to 17,000L and effluent was reduced from 57,000L to 16,000L. The poster was even was adapted by others to suit their offices.

Loerie Awards of Creativity South Africa - 2015



the original


the inspired

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