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the street store

The Street Store was born in January 2014, an initiative of the M&C Saatchi Abel advertising agency, co-founded by myself and Max Pazak. Every day we watched as the haves and have-nots crossed each others paths, but didn't connect. The haves fear the homeless and can't help every one of them, so they ignore them and dehumanise them. The homeless are ashamed of begging for money, so they begin to see people, as pockets, dehumanising them too. We needed both sides to see and remember that the other was a human. So we brought them together on the streets that they share.

The Street Store is a place of connection and dignity. A place where the homeless can find something that they both want and like. We decided to share our idea and went open-souce. We have been translated into 16 languages and have popped up over 800 times globally, clothing hundreds of thousands of homeless people.

the street store

The Street Store
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Over 1,5 million homeless clothed through nearly 1000 Street Store pop-ups globally.