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Themis Environmental is a consulting company who focus on climate change adaptation in developing countries with a special focus on integrated coastal management. Our client came to us with with a clear visual brief: he wanted Themis to be in the logo, but he wanted the woman to represent Africa in some way. He also knew that it's a complicated sector and wanted our help to make things simple.

No one wants to read a 200 page strategy document. But at its very simplest:

A consultant that gets people excited about positively impacting the world.

strategy: setting the scene


Us humans are an innovative bunch. We dream.
We create. We build. Sometimes we get it right.  Sometimes – not so much.

When the balance is off and harmony must be restored, we partner with those who care deeply
about creating a better world for all who call it home. 


Together we reevaluate, 
we reconsider and we reimagine: we seek out ways to solve problems old and new, for our generation and future ones too.

When others see a world filled with a million things going wrong. We see a million reasons to get up every day and make them right.


Whether it’s paperwork, planning, or getting our hands dirty, we don’t believe in simply ticking the boxes: we want to find ones that are yet to be discovered.

We don’t believe in simply ticking the boxes: we want to find ones that are yet to be discovered.

Screenshot 2022-04-04 at 11.34.30.png

pay-off line & descriptor

The environmental adaptation sector is very serious. But that doesn't mean it can't inspire excitement, hope and joy, as opposed to the worry, guilt, and pessimism we see from many competitors. The descriptor, Creative Adaptation Consultants speaks to the curiosity and fresh thinking that the team use to develop new solutions, while the pay-off line, Reimagine Life, tells the audience that together you can imagine an entirely new world, not just for the environment's sake, but for humans too. 

Screenshot 2022-04-04 at 20.59.39.png

logo & design

Our client wanted Themis to feature, but we had one very important condition: the blindfold had to go. In legal circles, where Themis is usually found, the blindfold represents impartiality. But in the climate change context, it felt like she was turning a blind eye on the world. The blindfold shifted to become a scarf on the head of our African Warrior, balancing her scales and surrounded by elements of nature. These graphic elements were carried through the branding to create a unique, bold aesthetic, bringing a fresh sense of optimism to the adaptation landscape.

Screenshot 2022-04-04 at 10.54.59.png
Screenshot 2022-04-04 at 11.34.40.png
Screenshot 2022-04-04 at 11.34.21.png

Communication and Brand Strategist, Copywriter: Moi, Kayli Vee Levitan.

Art Director, Designer, Illustrator: Julie Sol Design Studio

Client: Luke Moore

meet the team.

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