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SEMLI is the Sport, Exercise Medicine and Lifestyle Institute at the University of Pretoria. While the university itself is a well-developed brand, SEMLI has never had its own creative strategy or branding that brings their passion, vibrancy, and skills to life. That’s where we came in. Some people are self-motivated and enthusiastic, but many are nervous, afraid and even a little bit lazy. SEMLI want to inspire all people to be their best so while they take what they do seriously, they couldn’t be serious and inaccessible. 

No one wants to read a 200 page strategy document. But at its very simplest, we wanted to take the brand:







Creative branding to reflect their passion.

Relevant to a youthful, vibrant market.

Inspiring people to be their best.

Human and light-hearted.

strategy: from this to that


We all have that thing that holds us back.

That stops us from taking the next step.

That thing that yells, “you can’t!”,

and fills our minds with self-doubt.


For some it’s uncertainty, pain, or fear;

for others a lack of resources or knowledge.

That thing exists in so many forms,

but it doesn’t have to exist for good.


We’ll help you conquer that thing.

Not through fads, trends, or shots in the dark.

But through the right techniques and methods

based on the power of evidence-based research.


We’ll inspire you, guide you, encourage you, and celebrate you at every twist and turn of your physical and mental wellness journey.


That’s how we enable you to live a life that

you didn’t even know was possible.

"That's how we enable you to live a life that you didn't even know was possible."

No matter who you are, we all have something that holds us back. Whether it’s uncertainty, pain, fear, a lack of knowledge or resources, there’s that thing that can stop us from taking the next step. But SEMLI has everything you need to live life the way you want to.

pay-off line & logo

graphic language

We created a series of graphic elements that could be used on all marketing materials to add vibrancy to their communication.

social media

Lastly, we created a social media toolkit and starter series for the team. This brought the creative strategy, tone guidelines and design elements to life. Tonally, all posts needed to be based in fact, but shared in a way that your every day person would understand. Because they have so many different disciplines and offerings, we chose the flyposting aesthetic, as it allows SEMLI to use a range of images, patterns and text side-by-side to tell a seamless story. It’s high impact, energetic and bold, so it conveys the passion, excitement and enthusiasm of the team.


meet the team.

Brand Strategist: Michelle Dobson MD Marketing Solutions.

Communication Strategist, Creative Director & Copywriter: Moi, Kayli Vee Levitan.

Art Director and Designer: Naomi Bossert Design Studio

Clients: Jill Borresen, Elri Pollard, Danie Du Toit.

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