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communication strategy. branding. copywriting. etc.

When The Space Between drinks company came to us with a new drinks concept they were working on, we were all ears. This gin was to be the first in the world that could mix with tonic OR soda water - and still taste like a G&T. It was a dream brief. We could do anything we wanted as long as the brand would stand out on the shelves. 

No one wants to read a 200 page strategy document. But at its very simplest:

It's a gin that gives people options. They choose how to enjoy it. It lets you be you - whoever you are.

strategy: setting the scene

manifesto & launch video

Everything needs to scream CHOICE. From the name to the colours, the pay-off line, tone and the final design, we wanted to truly make people feel like no matter who they are, where they live, how they like their drinks - if they want to kick back and enjoy a gin, it can only be MOOD.


Moods. Everyone has 'em. Sometimes good, sometimes bad.

Sometimes funny or serious. Sometimes home alone or the life of the party. Sometimes creative, sometimes outdoorsy. Sometimes gin and tonic. Sometimes gin and soda. Everyone has them.
And we’re for all of them.

name, logo, line & colours

Bold, bright, and relevant. Each bottle featured moments when someone might be enjoying a drink. By using photography, bright colours and a full bottle wrap, there was no way that these wouldn't stand out on shelf. 


MOOD is not just a gin brand. It's a lifestyle brand. We tapped into different moods you might be in when you felt like a gin and created a line of merch that would enhance the moment.


MOOD is all about being there for big (and small) moments in your life. To celebrate the special moments, we created these limited edition releases to add to the MOOD.

special occasions

While launching the main brand, we had an incredible opportunity to launch a limited edition range available exclusively in Makro. It needed to live within the world of MOOD, but with a twist. 

limited edition

Before landing on the website, you choose your MOOD. Frisky, amped or chill. Which ever you pick, the website changes colour for you. We also worked with Influencers to create a Spotify page with a playlist for every MOOD. 

Bold, striking and graphic, the website is a space where you can buy gin and merch, find recipes, sign up to be a brand ambassador, learn about the brand, find our spotify account and a whole lot more.