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A new co-working space was opening in Cape Town and they came to us to help with their strategy, name, branding and roll-out. They wanted to be different. They wanted to stand out. They wanted to appeal to all kinds of people from all kinds of industries. We needed to make it happen.

communication strategy. branding. copywriting. etc.

No one wants to read a 200 page strategy document. But at its very simplest:

Thanks to their resources and the connections you can make, this co-working space is somewhere where your impossible comes to life. 

strategy: setting the scene


There’s a fine line

between perception and reality.

Between making things happen. And not.

A fine line between getting things done,

and wishing you had.

A fine line between

making the impossible, possible,

the fictions turned to fact.


It’s not easy.

It needs space, it needs time, it needs effort.

It needs, it needs, it needs and it keeps on needing. 
And when you feed the beast what it needs, suddenly, it happens.


The idea, the dream, the impossible comes to life.


We connect you to the things you

need to cross that fine line.


Let’s make things real.


And when you feed the beast what it needs, 
suddenly, it happens."

The name is inspired by fashion houses, where like co-working spaces, anything can happen. The line has a double meaning. It's the fine line you must cross to make your business a reality and the open space to imagine yourself in the HOUSE OF_ world. The logo and branding represent modern surrealism, where the lines between real and unreal are blurred. Is it bent text? An office? A meeting area? You decide.

HOUSE OF_ Entrance.jpeg

name & logo

Out of the manifesto came this idea of The Beast. He's your business and you need to feed him so he can grow. To bring humour to the branding, we turned him into an icon that we used in-house, on collateral, on the site and more. As the project develops, more iterations will be made.

HOUSE OF_ The Beasts.jpeg

the icon

The space had to suit every business and personality, while being uniquely HOUSE OF_. When you walk in and see the logo on the wall, the fine line follows you around the entire space - under doors, through vents, between desks - and back out the front. We named the boardrooms after mythical creatures to play on "real vs. unreal", the kitchen had a giant Beast looking in from outside, and the bathroom showcased inclusivity.

in-house branding

We have designed consumer-centric collateral featuring The Beast and optical illusions. The business cards had spot gloss printing so you weren't sure if the words were there or not and the merch subtly featured our Beast.

merch & collateral

The website turns our fine line into a graphic device, that leads you through the site in a surreal way, by weaving in and out of the website content. It essentially "holds" everything together. See it live at

Simple and sophisticated, on the website you can view the space and its benefits, book a tour, find your new office, read up on engaging business topics, and more.


Communication Strategist, Creative Director & Copywriter: Moi, Kayli Vee Levitan.

Art Director and Designer: Naomi Bossert Design Studio.

Clients: Rudelee Merks & Erik Brits.

meet the team.

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