Portfolio Bureau are Private Wealth Managers. If you’d looked at their old branding, website and advertising you’d never have known how warm, personal and they are and what amazing relationships they forge with their clients. Our new strategy brought this connection to life and became the foundation of all communication and branding. From start to corporate identity, website to photography, roll-out of all collateral and even planning and facilitating their team bonding day – we jumped head first into this brand and we loved every second of it.

portfolio bureau

No one wants to read a 40 page strategy document. But in it's very simplest form, we wanted to take the brand:






Creative branding that reflects their unique connection with their clients.

Warm and personal, often lacking in this sector.

Inviting and down-to-earth.

strategy: from this to that

There’s a lot of “advice” out there.

And even more self-serving opinion, disguised as it.

Friendly façades mask selfish agendas;

where big words, bewildering statistics,

and piles of paperwork, confuse and unsettle.


In this world of copy and paste,

we see people, not clients.

People who deserve advice

that isn’t good or even great.

Because great is not good enough.


They deserve advice that considers

every aspect of who they are -

and who they could be.

Advice that actively seeks out new solutions

to serve their individual needs.


We truly, deeply care about every

person or company we partner with.

Once we’re on the path with you,

we’re there no matter what.


Because we see people, not clients.


Are you ready to be one of our people?

Because we’re ready for you.


Portfolio Bureau


When it comes to financial planning, Portfolio Bureau don’t believe in copy and paste. First, they understand you, your needs, your dreams, your everything – then they help you grow your wealth.

pay-off line & logo

We created a series of graphic elements that could be used on all marketing materials to add vibrancy to their communication.

graphic language

Lastly, we created a social media design and tone toolkit and a series of starter posts that we handed over to their team. This brought the creative strategy, tone guidelines and design elements to life. Tonally, all posts needed to be based in fact, but shared in a way that your every day person would understand. Because they have so many different disciplines and offerings, we chose the flyposting aesthetic, as it allows SEMLI to use a range of images, patterns and text side-by-side, which work together to tell a seamless story. It’s very high impact, energetic and bold so it conveys the passion, excitement and enthusiasm of the team.

social media

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